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Besides yoga, we also have women’s only self defense classes, kids martial arts classes, and adults martial arts classes

“Convenient Yoga Classes Near Me!”

Yoga at Rise Up Martial Arts is just off the beltline and Stoughton Road, and conveniently throughout the day. Whether you are looking for yoga for beginners, looking to challenge yourself, or develop flexibility or strength for other sports, we can help you reach your goals.

We are community oriented, and have consistent instructors who will help you monitor your progress and improve over time! We are fully invested in our students!

What is Rise Up Yoga and Why Are We Bringing It To A Martial Arts Academy?

Yoga complements all aspects of martial arts. If we look at the art of jiu jitsu, for example, a main component is flexibility; however, flexibility is an attribute most try to go without. Yoga helps open joints, stretch out the body and elongate, and feel less stress and struggle when in certain positions. By adding in yoga, there is an increase of strength, a restoration of balance, a focus on how to control breathing and using that knowledge to help transition between movements, and a higher level of body awareness. All of those features are added benefits to the practice of jiu jitsu. Martial arts certainly teaches its students to have perseverance, precision, and determination which are also characteristics of yoga.

It is no secret that when people give yoga a try, they often add it to their everyday life. The collaboration allows the residents of McFarland and folks in the surrounding areas to come to a place that can improve the lives of all different types of people in various forms. There is a class for every person of any age and skill level.

I truly look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals and to see where this journey takes you.

What is yoga?

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago – and is so much more than a fitness journey. While there are many sides to yoga, all incorporate physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines to help achieve a strong sense of equilibrium and help tap into different facets of the human experience. Hatha yoga (includes popular styles such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram, etc.) is where the West derives their version of the practice. Asanas, the physical characteristics of yoga meaning the body positions and physical postures held, are transitioned using synchronized breathing techniques called vinyasa. Each asana can be as complicated or as simple as each yogi prefers – they can be made easier and more difficult depending on modifications.

Often, when people think about integrating yoga into their life, they fear they aren’t flexible enough to do the poses so they do not pursue it. What I want for my students, and for all who venture into this way of life, is for them to know we all start somewhere. We all come in feeling uncertain, not knowing whether this is for us, or if we can do it; however, the practice of yoga is not competitive. I want my students to leave feeling confident in themselves, in a calm state of mind, and having a strong sense of body awareness and mindfulness. Anyone – regardless of their shape, background, fitness level, or flexibility – can use yoga as it is so much more than just a movement. It is a journey that flows into all parts of life.

Yoga is a personal journey that is your own and it is whatever you want it to be.

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