Mr. Brian Quamme, Head Karate Instructor

Karate Instructor Brian Quamme

Karate Instructor Brian Quamme

Mr. Quamme has been doing karate since 1987¬†and earned his Black Belt in May 1991. He immediately became an assistant instructor and started persuing his career as Head Instructor. Throughout Mr. Quamme’s time teaching, he has continued to grow and learn as a student as well. “It is important that a martial artist always strives to continue to learn and improve.” Mr. Quamme believes that the best way to experience the full value of the martial arts is that it must become a part of your lifestyle. Like anything else, when you apply yourself at a high level you can continue to reach higher.

It is now Mr. Quamme’s goal to take all of his knowledge and experience, and share it with others to help them reach their full potential as a martial artist and a person.

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