Karate at Rise Up Martial Arts

Brian Quamme karate blackbelt

Brian Quamme karate blackbelt

Karate at Rise Up Martial Arts is a blend of the best traditional and contemporary martial arts styles of karate and tae kwon do. The Rise Up karate program also has a strong emphasis on character and leadership skill development.  Dedicated students will be able to learn and reach their potential in areas such as:
  • Forms (traditional kata-based training)
  • Performance and demonstration curriculum.
  • Self-defense and striking
  • Traditional Weapons
  • And more!

The best time to get involved is NOW!

As a part of the Karate program there is a strong emphasis on striking skills & drills: 


Rise Up Kickboxing curriculum is a blend of boxing, kickboxing and muay thai techniques and concepts. Using a variety of offensive and defensive drills students will expand their stand up striking and self-defense capabilities. 
Drills include:
  • Movement (Shadow work)
  • Focus Mitt Patterns
  • Shield & Bag Work 
  • Partner Combinations
  • Fitness 
  • Flexibility & Agility 
No Required Sparring/Fighting!
The Rise Up Program is focused on having a positive and safe atmosphere.  Students will be able to learn and train their skills without being required to test their skills in the ring!  Those who feel the desire to expand their training with sparring will have the opportunity to do so.

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