Eric Boucher-BJJ Instructor

eric-boucher-bjj-instructor-coach-inline-photoBrazilian jiu jitsu purple belt and experienced boxer and kickboxer, Eric Boucher is the lead kids jiu jitsu program instructor.

Eric grew up boxing and later switched to kickboxing. After moving to Madison he started a financial services business. “I was certainly aware of BJJ and was interested, but I fell into the trap of feeling like I was too busy to start something brand new. My interest continued to grow though and one day I decided to jump right in. It changed my life.”

Eric began training under Thales in 2007. “I was hooked the very first day. I got matched during light sparring against a guy who had some experience but was much smaller and less athletic than I was in every way. I was imposing my will on him and putting him where I wanted to. After five minutes of rolling though, he had submitted me three times. I couldn’t believe it!

I went home and told my wife about getting absolutely smoked and how amazing it was.” Laughing he recalls, “she didn’t understand how I could be so excited about getting submitted by a smaller and less athletic guy. I had to explain that it was precisely because I was so much bigger and stronger that made it so exciting.”

Alas, life got in the way. As his business grew he spent less and less time training and more and time working. “I felt like my work was killing me and I had little energy left for my family and the things that I loved. I finally came to a point in my life where I had to make a choice. I knew I couldn’t keep going like that. It was affecting my family too much.” It was out of that sentiment that Rise Up Martial Arts Academy was born. “When Thales came back to Madison I started training daily again. We had a lot of long and serious talks about life.
I had been talking to my wife for a while about making a change. The chance to do something I love for a living was something I just couldn’t pass up. As a co-owner of Rise Up I can put my business experience to work and as the kids BJJ Instructor I can put my Purple belt to work. I couldn’t be more excited.”

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