Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Madison WI

Conveniently located off the Beltline & Stoughton Road

We are proud of our community, our teachers, and our world-class training facilities. We are very welcoming and inclusive, so call or fill in our form for a free class, we look forward to hearing from you!


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt Thales Blaso

2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt Thales Blaso

Led by Second Degree BJJ Black Belt Thales Blaso, our Adult BJJ Program is the one of the best in Wisconsin. In fact, many of the BJJ programs at other schools around the area are led by Thales’s students. Why not come to Rise Up and learn from the “Instructor of Instructors?”

Our classes start out with a light warm-up and then proceed to a more strenuous BJJ specific warm up. The movements you will do may be foreign to you but all are designed with a purpose. They lead directly to success on the mat. After warm-ups Thales teaches a new aspect of BJJ, whether it be a submission, reversal, escape, etc. Students then practice drilling the movements as Thales adds to them. Near the end of class, we engage in light rolling where movements are practiced and all skills are sharpened. Although we encourage you to roll with us, you are not required to and can watch other students roll which will enhance your game in other ways.

Whether you’ve already been training for years or are brand new, we welcome you. Regardless of age, size, body type, athleticism, or physical limitations Thales can show you how BJJ can work for you.

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