BJJ Black belt Thales’ Blaso Winter Triangle Seminar

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On December 9th, BJJ Black belt Thales’ Blaso hosted a Winter Triangle Seminar.

Triangle Techniques

The triangle choke submission is an iconic Brazilian jiu jitsu position, and high percentage finishing submission. Thales went over finishing the submission, maintaining the submission against framing postures and passes. Students partnered to drill the position.

Triangle Tune-ups

Students started by pairning up and running though the triangle basic concepts, and tuning up the position with their partners’ feedback and Thales’ oversight.

BJJ Triangle alternative opportunities: armbars and oma plata

There are many armbar and oma plata threats from the triangle position. Both arms are vulnerable to one or several armbars, as well as passing the arm across the attacker’s belly, and rotating and sitting up for the oma plata. Although the oma plata is a little more complicated and unintuitive to get, it is a fantastic alternative if control can be maintained.

Triangle pass and pass prevention

If the opponent frames on the triangle attacker’s hip and breaks the triangle, they can stack and pass under the high leg. The key to maintaining the triangle and preventing the pass is to drop the shoulder-high leg to the bicep/elbow, put the foot on the hit, and break the posture of the defender.

Getting Triangle from the Mount Position

The Triangle can be attained from the mount position by passing a leg over the arm of the defender under mount, and then sliding the leg under their head. It is very difficult to close and finish the triangle from on top, but the armbar is right there, and rolling with the defender can put them into the traditional triangle position.

Thank you to everyone in attendance!

The seminar was a great time, we hope the techniques and reps serve you well on your jiu jitsu journey. Congratulations to everyone who earned their stripes, and we look forward to many more topical seminars! Your feedback is very important to us!

Thales Blaso BJJ triangle seminar students drilling techniques
Thales Blaso BJJ triangle seminar students drilling techniques
Thales Blaso BJJ triangle seminar students lined up after seminar
Thales Blaso BJJ demonstrating triangle technique at the winter seminar

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