Kids Martial Arts Classes

At Rise Up Martial Academy, we focus both karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu classes. Students can focus on either, or participate in both to get a well-rounded martial arts background. We have expert dedicated teachers, so your kids will consistently have the same teachers, with a good ratio of teachers to students so students receive individual attention.

Adults Martial Arts Classes

Adults can take classes in Brazilian jiu jitsu, karate, yoga, kickboxing, and self-defense. We have dedicated instructors for each martial art, with carefully planned course content, and individual attention.


Yoga Classes

Rise Up Martial Arts Academy has yoga classes throughout the day, from early in the morning to late evening. Yoga is great for martial arts practice, as well as on it's own. Our yoga instructors give lots of personal attention, work with all skill levels, and communicate clearly while listening to their students.


Self Defense & Kickboxing Classes

Rise Up Martial Arts has dedicated self-defense classes based boxing and kickboxing, as well as a variety of self-defense oriented martial arts classes including karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu for all ages. Contact us today to find out more!

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Thales Teaches BJJ Seminar on Guard Concepts

Thales Teaches BJJ Seminar on Guard Concepts

July 22, 2017: Concepts of the Guard Positions Seminar   At noon, Thales Blaso taught a full-capacity seminar for Rise Up Martial Arts Academy students and guests on how to handle four common guard positions in Brazilian jiu jitsu: closed guard, half guard,...

BJJ Seminar: Luis Claudio Augusto

BJJ Seminar: Luis Claudio Augusto

Louis Claudio will teach a bjj seminar at Rise Up Martial Arts in Madison, WI. Here he is with Hickson Gracie, Thales Blaso, Eric Boucher BJJ Seminar: Luiz Claudio Augusto BJJ Seminar: Luiz Claudio Augusto. Learn BJJ tactics from Thales'...



McFarloween Haunted House Cancer Benefit Event Rise Up Martial Arts sponsored McFarland Matters' McFarloween, a Halloween haunted house event to benefit Kaitlin Jacobsen and Officer Nate Jacobsen with expenses related to a recent cancer diagnosis. Over the course of...

Yoga Workshop At Yahara Bay Distillery

Yoga Workshop At Yahara Bay Distillery

Are you looking for a yoga workshop that will give you a glimpse into full body awareness, learn new poses and enhance old ones all while exploring Madison’s newest distillery location? For only 35$ you’ve found it! Alicia Blanchar, yoga instructor at Rise Up Martial Arts Academy, is hosting a 20-20-20 mindfulness workshop at Yahara Bay Distillery in Fitchburg. All proceeds benefit a local family in need.

Our Location

Rise Up Martial Arts Academy is located in McFarland on Highway 51 (Stoughton Rd.), less than 15 minute drive from downtown Madison or East Towne Mall, and about 25 minutes from West Towne Mall, and less than 20 minutes from Stoughton.

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